Cresco Building Service as General Contractor

A General Contractor’s scope of work ranges from a specialty contractor doing one item such as steel building construction to a General Contractor doing a complete project with their own forces. General Contractors range in size from an owner and 1-2 temporary employees up into some of the largest corporations in the world. As the name “General Contractor” implies, they have expertise in many areas. Many owners, architects and engineers prefer one entity to deal with, which is why this type of contractor is popular.

Cresco Building Service specializes as a “General Contractor”. CBS can bid the entire job and do most of the work with its own workforce, and subcontract the areas of work CBS does not perform. The areas of work CBS does subcontract to specialty trades include sitework, masonry, flooring, mechanical and electrical work.

As General Contractor, Cresco Building Service is ultimately responsible for the coordination of all trades and the progress schedule and typically runs the work site like a tight ship. CBS will meet with other trades, the owner’s representatives, and the architect/engineer at regularly scheduled meetings at the job site to discuss progress of the work and to fairly, economically, and expeditiously resolve disputes and changes that inevitably occur. Typically the owner will have an onsite inspector verifying the contractor’s progress. Progress payments are then agreed upon based on mutual agreement of the concerned parties. CBS, serving as the project’s General Contractor, is responsible to the owner for successful completion of the work in a timely manner.

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