Cresco Building Service as Construction Manager

Construction management is a fee-based service that provides the Owner with an experienced and objective representative that acts in their interests and guides them through the construction project, from initial concept to final construction closeout.

During the initial phase of the project Cresco Building Service will provide guidance and offer direction in the Owner's decisions regarding the overall project. This could include site selection and layout, development of a preliminary budget; selection of a project team including the design professional, and the overall planning, budgeting and programming relating to the project.

In design phase of the project Cresco Building Service will provide the Owner with critical information and guidance to ensure that the design matches the Owner's intent and budget. CBS will provide input relating to project cost, construction schedule, quality of products to be used and overall detail of the project drawings.

Cresco Building Service’s involvement in the bidding phase revolves around establishing the specific project construction areas and components. CBS works with the Owner and project team to determine the number of bid packages for the project in order to maximize participation and competition. CBS will work to ensure that the prospective bidders of the project fully understand the bid documents and the construction schedule. CBS will conduct the pre-bid meeting with all prospective bidders to review construction documents, fine tune specific areas of the project and to finalize the bidding process. CBS will assist the Owner in the final bid tabulation and recommend which subcontractors will be awarded contracts.

Finally during the construction phase of the project Cresco Building Service will manage the construction process, including the work of all the subcontractors, so that each follows and understands the project design and schedule. CBS will provide a field superintendent that works full time to assure that a project runs smoothly and stays on schedule. CBS also manages change orders to ensure minimal cost and delay to the project. CBS will handle all areas of billing, including receiving and reviewing payment requests from all subcontractors, compiling all payment requests into a single invoice to the Owner, and finally paying all subcontractors once their payment requests have been approved.

In summary, Cresco Building Service manages every aspect of the project to assure quality construction, timely completion and adherence to the Owner's budget.

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