Cresco Building Service Past Projects

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Hospitals / Health Care

  • Arlin Falck Apartments, Decorah, IA
  • Arlin Falck Assisted Living II, Decorah, IA
  • Arlin Falck Condominiums, Decorah, IA
  • Cresco Assisted Living Building & Addition, Cresco, IA
  • Cresco Family Optometry Renovation, Cresco, IA
  • Eastern Star Apartments, Decorah, IA
  • Eastern Star Renovation, Decorah, IA
  • Farver Development/VA Clinic, Decorah, IA
  • Floyd Co. Medical Center AHU-Boiler Project, Charles City, IA
  • M.A. Barthell Assisted Living Unit, Decorah, IA
  • M.I.C. Warehouse Addition, Rochester, MN
  • Ossian Senior Hospice Alzheimer’s Addition, Ossian, IA
  • RHSHC Hospital Expansion & Renovation, Cresco, IA
  • Stoney Brooke Assisted Living, West Union, IA

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