Cresco Building Service Past Projects

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  • Camp Winnebago, Caledonia, MN
  • Cedar River Events Center, Osage, IA
  • Cedar River Fine Arts Complex, Osage, IA
  • Chickasaw Senior Events Centre, New Hampton, IA
  • Chickasaw Wellness Complex, New Hampton, IA
  • Cresco Fitness Center, Cresco, IA
  • First Lutheran Church Addition, Cresco, IA
  • Howard County Historical Preservation Center, Cresco, IA
  • Immaculate Conception Church Elevator Addition, Riceville, IA
  • L&L Apartments, Cresco, IA
  • L&L Apartments West Addition, Cresco, IA
  • Mower Co. Fairgrounds – Steel Buildings (4), Austin, MN
  • Notre Dame Church Addition, Cresco, IA
  • Spectrum Industries, Decorah, IA
  • St. Ansgar Economic Development Spec Building, St. Ansgar, IA
  • Trinity Lutheran Church Addition & Renovation, New Hampton, IA
  • United Methodist Church Entrance & Renovation, Cresco, IA

Howard County Historical Preservation Center

Cresco, IA

u.5.Howard Cty Historical Center Cresco.jpg

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